Earn Leavy Points as
you explore

Simply use our app for your everyday travel purchases.


How to earn Leavy Points?

Engage with the Leavy community

Inspire your friends to shop your stories and watch your Leavy Points add up.

Plan your next trip

Book your flights, accommodation and experiences all in one place, in our Store.

Use Leavy Pay

Find out where our local partners are in your neighborhood and earn Leavy Points when you shop with them.

Refer a friend

Grow the community and invite your friends to discover Leavy. When they sign up, you'll both receive Leavy Points.


Earning Leavy Points

What are Leavy Points?

Leavy Points are our currency of the community. With Leavy Points, you can save on the costs of your next trip, such as an exciting experience, or a place to stay.

How do I earn Leavy Points in the app?

We don't like limits. That's why we don't assign a fixed value of Leavy Points to each app activity. Instead, you are rewarded at random for your scrolls, posts and comments. This allows us to multiply your Leavy Points and top up your wallet based on your general engagement within the Leavy community. So, every day is a surprise. You might be able to afford your next adventure even sooner!

How do I earn Leavy Points at local businesses?

Shop at one of our many partners in your local area. Just scan a unique QR code at the checkout to pay with your credit card and earn Leavy Points in one tap.

Do Leavy Points expire?

No! Your Leavy Points are yours to save in your wallet, until you're ready to spend them on something exciting in our Store.

Can I choose how many of my Leavy Points I would like to use towards a purchase?

Yes. You can select how many Leavy Points from your wallet you wish to use towards your purchases in the Store. The remaining balance you can pay in money. The more Leavy Points you choose to use, the cheaper your next adventure!

Can Leavy Points be shared between users?

At the moment, Leavy Points cannot be shared between users in the app.