Earn cash
as you open the doors to
your city

Share your home when you are away or look after the ones listed on our Store and earn cash 100% guaranteed.


How to earn cash?

Become a Happy Leaver

Even for 2 days, list your home on Leavy and start your getaway with cash 100% guaranteed.

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Become a Host-on-Demand

Take care of the homes listed on our Store.
Meet incredible people, and get paid for it.

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From the community

I have been really impressed by how easy the whole process with Leavy has been. It was also great to come back to a spotlessly clean apartment.

Claire, London

I love the possibility to connect with travelers and help them discover the local area. You become a part of how they experience your city. All the guests I’ve met have been really friendly.

Margarita, Amsterdam

A fantastic experience, I was able to go relax on my holiday and earn nearly half of my rent with Leavy. Thank you.

Sara, Madrid


Earning as a Happy Leaver

What happens if my home doesn't receive any bookings?

Cash is guaranteed 100% of the time when you put your flat on our Store. When you share your home with Leavy, we agree on a competitive amount upfront for the period you are away. This is a guaranteed amount you'll receive at the start of your trip (within 72 hours).

How do you calculate my guaranteed earnings?

We take into account the size and location of your home as well as the duration it is available for. We then review external factors such as seasonality, to carefully calculate the amount you'll receive while away.

Is there a minimum or a maximum number of nights I can rent my flat for?

There is a minimum of 2 nights, the maximum is dependent upon local laws and regulations. Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions about the regulations in your country.

Earning as a Host-on-Demand

How do I earn money as a Host-on-Demand?

We pay our Hosts-on-Demand a competitive rate per successful guest's stay.
You'll be responsible for the entire cycle. From making sure the flat is clean and ready to welcome the guests, to ensuring they've checked out smoothly.
And because nobody likes to wait, you'll receive your earnings twice a month.

What are the requirements to become a Host-on-Demand?

All you need to become one of our amazing Hosts-on-Demand is internet access, a flexible schedule and a love for interacting with travelers from all around the world. Previous experience in hospitality or customer service is a plus!

Am I employed by Leavy.co as a Host-on-Demand?

No, you are not employed by Leavy directly, but as a freelancer. To work as a Host-on-Demand in the UK, you need to be registered as self-employed with HMRC.