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What will be my mission?

Take care of our community's homes and welcome the travelers who will be staying there: we pay you for that.

Happy Leaver, Host-on-Demand: welcome home
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When one of our homes near you is booked, we contact you to take care of it: you can accept or refuse, it's up to you!

Prepare your guests' stay

Chat with travelers before their stay, welcome them in a lovely place.

Offer a one-of-a kind experience

Greet them with a smile and provide unique local tips.

Get rewarded for your hospitality

Enjoy a competitive income for the services rendered!

Why become a

Meet new people

Meet travelers and share the love for your city while making your guests’ stay unique. That’s the magic of being a Host-on-Demand.

Share your passion

Let travelers know what you love about your neighborhood : share your tips, your tricks and local insights.

Enjoy room to grow

Enjoy a variety of tasks, making each of your days unique, allowing you to develop new skills so to master the role of Host-on-Demand.

Flexible hours

Because we want you to focus on what really matters to you, we have crafted a job that fits your schedule, rather than the other way around.

What the community
thinks about it

On average, our users rate us:
Host-on-Demand, Paris
« I have been a Host-on-Demand since December 2019. It's a job that consists of welcoming and checking out guests, giving them tips and good addresses, and making sure the home is clean for their stay, so they enjoy it to the fullest! »
Host-on-Demand, Paris
« Taking care of the Happy Leavers' home is very important to me: it's like taking on their role during their absence, while fully supplementing my income. »
Host-on-Demand, Paris
« I am originally from the United States: Leavy allows me to work as a freelancer and earn an average of 50 to 60€ per mission very simply. »

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Still got questions?

How do I earn as a Host-on-Demand?

As a Host-on-Demand, you earn money per successful check-in. We offer a competitive amount to cover the tasks and responsibilities required during our guests' stay.

What exactly will I be doing as a Host-on-Demand?

While exact tasks will vary based on property and country, you are guests' go-to through their stay. You'll manage one or more homes, answering questions from potential visitors. For booked guests, you'll communicate with them to agree on check-in time. It's vital to ensure the home is clean and tidy, and that all amenities are in working order. Whether you manage this yourself or with one of our cleaning partners will be dependent on location. In the event your guests have questions during their stay, you'll be on hand via message or phone to help, and making their trip as smooth as possible. Finally, you'll wave your guests goodbye at check-out and prepare the home for the next stay. Simple!

How can I subscribe to a professional liability insurance policy?

Leavy has negotiated for you the best prices on the market with our partner Simplis! For more information and in order to get your insurance certificate quickly, click here: https://assurance.simplis.fr/leavy-rc

What makes a great Host-on-Demand?

A great Host-on-Demand is charismatic, outgoing and loves to meet new people. You don't live for the 9-5, and instead, prefer to work a more flexible schedule that fits in with your day-to-day activities. Organization and an eye for detail go hand-in-hand, as you make prioritizing and completing tasks a breeze. With love for your city, and a curiosity for the world, every day as a Host-on-Demand brings new faces, new stories, and new adventures.

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