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Share your home, get a new one

Tired of working remotely from your Parisian studio? Leave us your apartment: we'll rent it out for you, and guarantee you a fixed revenue. Meanwhile, enjoy our apartments available all across Europe!

Choose a destination

Leavy operates in many cities across Europe: choose your dream destination!

Get paid for it

By leaving us your apartment during your stay, you are guaranteed to be paid.

Enjoy your time away

During your absence, our Host-on-Demands will take care of your apartment and its guests!

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Discover our apartments all over Europe!

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Need additional income? Become a Host-on-Demand!

Join our Host-on-Demand community, meet and greet new people every day, and get paid for it!

Prepare travelers' stays

Communicate with travelers before their stay, prepare them a lovely place.

Give them a unique experience

Greet them with a smile and unique local advice on the neighbourhood. Make sure they feel welcomed and comfortable during their stay.

Join a community

Share your passion for your city and enjoy a competitive income paid twice a month!

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Why are we doing this?

Making mobility accessible to all, every day allows for anyone to live wherever they like, no matter how much they make, even for a day. Covid has turned our idea of work and travel upside down. It’s now all about mobility, for a generation who cannot afford it. The platform pays cash to all members willing to share their homes with the community or care for others.

Aziza Chaouachi, CEO & Co-founder

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