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List your home on leavy.co and access other places or hotel rooms at a discounted price.

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Share your place while you are away and get a discount on every places and hotel rooms on leavy.co

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List your place on leavy.co

Your home will be listed on leavy.co and other community members will be able to book it while you are away.

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The value of your rent will be deducted from the price of every home and hotel on leavy.co

We take care of everything

During your absence, we will take care of your apartment and its guests!

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Making mobility accessible to all, every day

  • We welcome travelers in your house and assist them during their stay
  • We clean after their departure. You will find a clean house when you come back home.
  • Every house we take care of are assured by Axa.

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On average, our members give us a score of: 4.5/5
Matt, Happy Leaver from London

« I have already referred to a couple of people! One of my friend was considering doing Airbnb, but he opted for Leavy in the end because of the management aspect. »

Sarah, Happy Leaver from London

« A Happy Leaver to me is somebody that has the freedom to be able to leave their appartment, without worrying that something will happen to it, and in the hands of a company that will take care of any issues that come along. »

Cristina, Happy Leaver from Rome

« Leavy allows me to maintain a foothold in Rome, it helps me move around without being tied down. »

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Still got questions?

Who will take care of my accommodation?

Before any management period, a Host-on-Demand is associated with a Happy Leaver. This person will be responsible for the management of the apartment during your absence and will be your main contact. Leavy will however supervise the whole process and will remain available to help and/or support you if necessary.

Do I still benefit from a discount even if nobody book my place while I’m away?

Yes you will receive a guaranteed income, whether your apartment is rented or not.

Is my accommodation insured?

Two insurances cover your property: - The insurance of the short-term rental platforms that we use in the event that the damage is caused by guests. - Your own insurance in case the damage is caused by the wear and tear of your home (for example: water leak, boiler problems, etc.). Leavy is not responsible for any additional costs associated with guests staying in the property, such as internet, heating or water costs. Fortunately, damage is very rare because we have a strict control policy. Despite this, like all real estate, your home may show signs of wear over time. After the departure of our travelers, we check your accommodation for any damage of any kind. In case of damage, we take photos and submit a refund request on the platform on which the reservation was made.

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